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19 years old from NY

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I feel absolutely terrible right now.

Anonymous asked: Whoa wait. Time out. The beach?! Sorry I'm about to (hopefully) see the ocean for the first time this year so I'm super jealous right now.

Oh wow where do you live in bumblefuck


Anonymous asked: What happened? :(

Nothing ! I’m okay

Anonymous asked: How's life treatin ya?

It’s okie. It has it’s ups and downs but I’m just trying to keep my head up.


can i have you

just kidding you don’t have a choice get in the trunk

(via aaangeliki)

Anonymous asked: You're cute

Thank you ❤️

I just got played by a girl from tumblr 👏

Anonymous asked: Haha is that all it is? Just traffic?

I mean I live 5 minutes from the beach so that’s pretty nice. And a 45 minute train ride to the city, so that’s pretty nice too.

Anonymous asked: What's New York like..?

Theres too much traffic.


Bad girls ain’t no good, and the good girls ain’t no fun 😏
This show speaks to me

Oh how silly of me to think you actually cared.