The name is Bre.

From Long Island

19 years old

Instagram: susa_07

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"Why are you single"
My good side.

Break selfie
So let’s just talk about how awkward I look in this picture 😂
Anonymous asked: All this time I though whatsupd0c was 19


Hahahha she is asshole

LOL I’m done with tumblr

liaaryoullpayforyoursins asked: Damnn you fine too bad you're 14 😂😕


Dinner date with my grandma 😊

Anonymous asked: You know what I think that you're really hot. I would never believe you're 19 though I definitely thought you were at least 20 or 21. :) super cute

Haha thank you!

In the lesbian world you got...
Lesbian kind number 1: Very attractive, knows it, and thinks they are better then all the other lesbians.
Lesbian kind number 2: Knows they are attractive, is sweet to everyone, all the lesbians want her or want to be her.
Lesbian kind number 3: Doesn't know or think she's very attractive but all the other lesbians do. Shy and timid comes across as cocky but really just not sure of herself and the world. Most of the lesbians like her
Lesbian kind number 4: Thinks she's beautiful and the shit. But ugly outside and inside. No one likes her.
Anonymous asked: Are you into anyone right now

I have a few tumblr crushes I guess you can say but nothing serious

Anonymous asked: Would you date Long Distance???

Yeah why not

The more I read this the funnier it gets 😂